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Phoenix-Metro Home Water Conditioners

Most of us living in Arizona know that our water is less than desirable in taste. It’s even less desirable in what it does to our plumbing fixtures, hot water heaters, and our new homes. But what do we do about it? We get a water softener! What a lot of AZ residents don’t know is that they have better options than just your regular old softener. It’s called “Whole home Water Conditioning”!

The H2PURE Water Softening System

Most systems you see out there simply offer just a softening solution. But you may not know that you can also filter the water throughout the whole house. In fact some of H2PURE’s products contain silver impregnated activated carbon (silver inhibits the growth of bacteria in the carbon bed) embedded in the tank above the softening resin. This removes unwanted contaminants from your water while protecting the resin bed from being destroyed by all the chlorine we put in our water to disinfect it. The chlorine is needed to disinfect the water at the treatment plants but we don’t necessarily need it at our homes, in our drinking water, or on our bodies while we shower.

Salt Free systems are available.
Call us for more information on Saltless Water Conditioning Systems!

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Water Softener System Installations & Equipment Maintenance

There are many other “media-beds” you can choose from that will filter different contaminants out of your water but carbon is the most common and widely used. It is also one the most effective and efficient through its removal process.

Here’s a list of contaminants that activated carbon will remove from your water in your home:

  • Turbity – Microbiological contaminant, cloudiness and haziness in your water.
  • Triahalomethanes – Disinfectant byproduct of disinfecting our water with chlorine and chloramine (combination of ammonia and chlorine), linked to some cancers.
  • Chlorine and chloramines.
  • Pesticides and herbacides.
  • Volatile organic compounds – These contaminants like gasoline additives, byproducts of manufacturing, paint thinners, adhesives, etc.. Many of these contaminants have been linked to ailments like kidney disease and cancers.
Puronics Micromax 7000 Drinking Water System

Why Have H2PURE Provide My Water Treatment System?

Our mission is to provide you and your family with the best possible water for your home. By utilizing only the top water treating systems out there today, we are ensuring you have safe, delicious drinking water available to you at all times on tap! You can trust in our technician’s knowledge and experience to match your residential water needs with the perfect purification system.

Other Benefits of Using H2PURE
Systems Customized to Your Needs
Personalized Service
No Pressure Sales Tactics
Highest Rated Equipment on the Market
Competitive Pricing
Strongest Warranties in the Industry

If you have any further questions in regards to our residential water purification solutions, please don’t hesitate to ask. Select from the following or call us directly at (480) 861-6558.

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