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Phoenix Household Water Treatment & Purifying Systems

What makes H2PURE the leader in residential water purification systems in Phoenix? That’s simple! We choose to work with only the top products and offer regular maintenance, guaranteeing that our installs last longer and that you get more bang for your buck. There are numerous benefits to working with a company like H2PURE including reduced operating costs, reduction in energy usage, fewer plumbing repairs and minimal general maintenance.

Quality Home Water Systems for Your Family’s Health

Nothing is more important to our customers than the health and safety of their family, which is why H2PURE insists on testing your water prior to installing a unit. When we have an understanding of the quality of water your home currently receives, we can recommend equipment that will reduce specific contaminants – addressing the main issues head-on.

8432 East Vernon Avenue
Scottsdale, AZ 85257
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How Do You Purify My Water to Make it Safer?

The technology that goes into every new generation water filtration and treatment system is superior to the former generations of the equipment. We only supply our customers with the latest, state-of-the-art purifying units, which we entirely trust to make a huge difference in the quality of water used for drinking and bathing in your home.

We rely on the following technology to deliver safe, high-quality water to you and your family.

Micro-filtration technology
Ultra filtration technology
Carbon filtration technology
Reverse osmosis technology
Ultraviolet disinfection or sterilization
Bacteriostatic water conditioning

Whole House Water Filtration Systems

H2PURE focuses on delivering residential water systems that address the entire home’s needs. We only use products that are thoroughly tested and certified, so that you can rest assured knowing you have the safest water possible. Even if your household currently only drinks bottled water, you might be surprised when you compare bottled water with water that has been filtered through  a Home Filtration System. Read: 5 Reasons Why A Water Filtration System is Better Than Bottled Water.

We have multiple solutions for residential water requirements, including the following. Simply select an item to learn more.

Whole House Systems: Delivers the highest quality water to your entire house – drinking, waste, cleaning and cooking.

Drinking Water Systems: Clean, healthy water is a must for every household and here at H2 PURE we make it our mission to deliver nothing less!

Water Maintenance: Don’t deal with foul odors or tastes coming from your tap water, allow our skilled techs to install and maintain a modern system to fix the problem for good.

Why Have H2PURE Provide My Water Treatment System?

Our mission is to provide you and your family with the best possible water for your home. By utilizing only the top water treating equipment, we are ensuring you have safe, delicious drinking water on tap! You can trust in our technician’s knowledge and experience to match your residential water needs with the perfect purification system.

If you have any further questions in regards to our residential water purification solutions, please don’t hesitate to ask. Select from the following or call us directly at (480) 861-6558.

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