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Phoenix Commercial & Industrial Water Treatment

H2PURE is a leader of water treatment and purifying systems for commercial and industrial use in the Phoenix area. We pride ourselves on using the best possible equipment to ensure your water system is safe and fully meets your needs. Our commercial grade water solutions condition and treat your water to not only provide you with better quality cleaner water, but to save you money over your current system.

How Much Money Can a New Water Treatment System Save?

The truth of the matter is that mineral content in water sets businesses across the country back million upon millions of dollars a year. These costs can be attributed to premature boiler replacement, inefficient hot water heaters and dishwashers and other equipment that regularly uses water in commercial and industrial work settings. Excessive mineral content can lead to further costs such as higher and more frequent plumbing repairs.

8432 East Vernon Avenue
Scottsdale, AZ 85257
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What are the Benefits of a State-of-the-Art Commercial Water System?

There are a ton of advantages to swapping out your old, dingy water treatment system with a brand new one and we’ve listed those benefits below.

Save money on energy expenses
Save money on plumbing costs
Save money on standard maintenance
Improve lifespan of boilers
Improve lifespan of hot water heaters
Improve lifespan of dishwashers
Improve lifespan of steaming equipment
Improve lifespan of laundered items
Improve glassware & dish cleaning
Improve coffee & tea taste

Which Companies Benefit the Most from Our Water Conditioning Systems?

Just about every organization that uses water throughout its operating hours is the perfect candidate to become an H2PURE customer and if your business falls under one of the following, please contact a representative for a free water test today!

Hotels & motels
Restaurants & diners
Gyms & health clubs
Barbers & beauty salons
Resorts & golf clubs
Schools & learning institutes
Hospitals & care centers
Apartment complexes
Condominium communities
Office buildings
Bottled water companies
Pet groomers
Nursing & retirement homes
Factories & plants
Laundry & linen firms
Car washes
Farms & plantations
Dairies & liveries
Dry cleaners
Manufacturing companies
Equipment fabricators
Food processors
Beverage makers

Why Have H2PURE Provide My Water Treatment System?

You can trust in H2PURE to bring the highest quality water to your business and customers. You’ll immediately notice the improved taste, softening, and conditioning that our purifying systems offer. If you have custom needs, our experienced technicians will diligently work to meet your needs.

What are the specifications of an H2PURE system?

Applications from one gallon per day to 250,000 gallons per day
Flow rates from one gallon per minute to 500 gallons per minute
Conditioning capacities from 10,000 to 2,000,000 grains per gallon

If you have any further questions in regards to our commercial and industrial grade water purification solutions, please don’t hesitate to ask. Select from the following or call us directly at (480) 861-6558.

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