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4 Reasons Why You Need To Invest In A Water Filtration System

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There is no getting around it; consuming an adequate amount of water is essential for your health. Failure to bathe regularly can lead to health issues as well as having the unwelcome effect of making you a social pariah!

While the EPA claims that approximately 90% of the water supply in America is perfectly safe to drink, this number varies from state to state. Additionally, the EPA’s definition of ‘safe’ does not necessarily mean ‘healthy’ as even usable water systems are likely to contain contaminants not covered under the Safe Water Supply Act.

A simple way to guarantee clean and safe water for your home is to invest in a water purification system which can filter out contaminants thus reducing your exposure to minimal levels. Purchasing such a system is particularly relevant if you have:

  • High levels of contaminants in the water such as radon and arsenic.
  • A weak immune system.
  • High levels of lead or other heavy metals in the water.

Below, we look at 4 compelling reasons why you should start seeking a water filtration system.

1 – Tap Water Is Dirty

tap-water-is-dirtyDespite the best efforts of those in charge of municipal water supplies, your tap water is simply not clean. First of all, it flows through miles of pipeline which means it is certain to pick up all sorts of nasty things such as pesticides, industrial waste run-off and other contaminants on this journey.

The Environmental Water Group spent approximately three years on a detailed study of the nation’s water and the results were pretty scary. An estimated 85% of Americans are using water laced with at least 300 different contaminants; many of which are not part of the chemicals regulated by the EPA.

2 – Tap Water Is Potentially Dangerous

toxic drinkin waterThis relates to drinking and bathing. Chemicals such as chlorine are added to our municipal water supplies (an estimated 98% of U.S water systems contains chlorine). Chlorine helps to disinfect the water but has a number of unfortunate side effects.

Seemingly less harmful issues with chlorinated water include dry skin but a variety of research has shown that chlorine has been linked to an increase rate of bladder and breast cancer among others. You can read more in our ‘Chlorine In Your Water’ article on the site.

If you think that concerns over our water supply are hysterical overreactions, ask residents of Milwaukee and the mid-Ohio River Valley region. Those who live in the latter location could be consuming dangerous amounts of an industrial chemical linked with heart disease, birth defects and various types of cancer.

Back in 2005, DuPont was forced to settle a class action lawsuit as 70,000 residents of the mid-Ohio Valley Region sued the company for ruining their water supply with the chemical PFOA that was originally used to make Teflon. Worst of all, the EPA conducted a testing program which found PFOA in 94 water systems in 27 states!

In 1993, 400,000 residents of Milwaukee fell sick due to the largest outbreak of waterborne disease in the history of the U.S. The area’s water supply was infected with Cryptosporidium parvum (a chlorine resistant parasite) and 100 people died as a result.

3 – Bottled Water Sucks

bottled water vs water filtrationThe incredibly lenient FDA regulations on bottled water means companies can go wild in their incessant pursuit of profit. With a markup of 4,000%, prepackaged bottled water is actually more expensive than gas! Add in the fact that the equivalent of five bottles of water is wasted for every bottle created and you also have an environmental catastrophe.

This wouldn’t be quite so bad if bottled water was guaranteed to be purer and cleaner than to water but this simply isn’t the case. The percentage of bottled water that comes from municipal water supplies varies from 25% (which we have in another post) to the 40% quoted on the NBC News website.

With the aforementioned low standards in regulating the industry, there is no way of knowing just how much the water is actually filtered.

4 – A Water Filtration System Is Convenient, Safe & Saves You Money

the-benefits-of-clean-drinking-water-from-a-water-filtration-systemBottled water companies try to claim their product is a safe and convenient way to ensure you drink enough water each day. We now know this is untrue but fortunately, water filtration systems are widely available and are the solution to the enduring ‘problem’ of accessing clean water. Such a system covers all the issues mentioned above:

  • Cost: Rather than be gouged by a 4,000% markup, you can have an unlimited supply of clean and safe water with a brand new filtration system. Your main investment will be a few hundred dollars and maintenance of the system but it is a long-term guarantee and prevents you from spending thousands of dollars a year on bottled water.
  • Taste: Chlorinated water usually has an unpleasant taste. Your filter system gets rid of the chlorine and other contaminants and allows you get a more ‘natural’ taste. If you’re used to drinking overly-chlorinated water, you will really notice the difference.
  • Safety: The filter system removes the chemicals, THMs and other carcinogens in tap water that threaten your health. As well as getting clean drinking water, your hair and skin also benefit every time you bathe.
  • Convenience: Once you have the system installed, it does all the work for you! Switch on the faucet and you can have as much clean water as you want. This certainly beats running to the store every time you run out of bottled water.


Don’t compromise your health by drinking bottled water or bathing in tap water (Read more about Phoenix-Metro Home Water Conditioners) and don’t make any compromises such as boiling water or reducing the length of your showers. A water filtration system is a proven method of eliminating the harmful elements in your supply and it will save you a small fortune in the long run.

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